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Iron and steel metallurgy is an important industry related to the national economy and people's livelihood. With the continuous upgrading of metallurgical technology, CCP enterprises are facing difficulties in the management of various hazardous sources in their production operations. The negligence and omission of any detail may bring unexpected serious consequences. Lockout and tagout, the need for energy lockout management is also more urgent. You need a complete set of lockout and tagout safety management procedures, which can provide operation guidance for the staff, ensure that various sources of danger are cut off during equipment maintenance and operation, ensure that the isolation is locked in the energy release position, prevent the accidental release of various types of energy, and ensure that personal safety of workers.
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The main goal of nuclear power plant safety is to protect the station staff and surrounding residents from the radioactive radiation dose received during operation and when accidents occur to the lowest possible level, and the impact on the environment does not exceed the specified level.
In order to ensure the safety of nuclear power plants, all countries developing nuclear power in the world have formulated their own safety standards and regulations. BOZZYS strictly implements the national standard GB/T-33579-2017. Personnel, contractor personnel and other personnel are protected from the harm caused by their related behaviors, realize intrinsic safety, eliminate hidden dangers in equipment use and maintenance operations, and ensure operation safety.

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BOZZYS Security for you to provide a one-stop lock listing service
  • Technical Strength
    Technical Strength
    Different workplace solutions can be customized to your facility needs
  • Technical Training
    Technical Training
    Free lock training and operation guidance for employees to ensure the correct use of locks
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    Visual Management
    Intelligent visual iot security lock management solution makes security management easier
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    Exclusive Custom
    Different workplace solutions can be customized to your facility needs