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After-sales Support
Professional after-sales service team, is committed to professional service quality to obtain the satisfaction and trust of our customers.
  • Three packs of service
    Three packs of service
    BOZZYS provides a 1-year warranty service. Due to the quality of the product itself, it can provide repair, return and replacement services.
  • Regularly visit
    Regularly visit
    The company's after-sales service personnel will visit regularly to improve the quality of users.
  • Free samples for trial
    Free samples for trial
    For end customers free sample trial.
  • Free on-site training
    Free on-site training
    Free on-site training, if the customer still has problems after a training, can carry out second training.
Do not change the original intention all the way forward

BOZZYS specializes in the customization of lock listing solutions for more than 10 years and has cooperated with hundreds of large enterprises.

We support a variety of customization (such as LOGO, color, sample development and production, etc.), support the design of locks according to the equipment, support on-site plan formulation, locking process customization, etc.

Safety lock products one year quality assurance

  • Factory advantage
    Factory advantage
    With large production base and systematic production system, the annual production of thousands of products, with the strength of research and development of new and non-standard products, 100% quality inspection before the factory, product quality assurance.
  • Brand Promise
    Brand Promise
    The raw materials are imported brand Dupont, and the engineering plastic lock body adopts integrated shell design, which is uv resistant and corrosion resistant.
  • Product Consulting
    Product Consulting
    The website provides detailed information download to meet the needs of customers to understand the product. Professional technical team, ready to answer all your questions.
  • Brand Promise
    Brand Promise
    From concept training, product training, to complete the locking scheme, professional after-sales team to provide you with one-stop service, there are professionals in China for on-site debugging and technical training.
  • Exclusive Customization
    Exclusive Customization
    Every year for customers to customize a variety of safety locking products, and independent research and development of dozens of special safety locks for customers, while you can customize trademarks, a variety of language safety labels
  • Brand Promise
    Brand Promise
    Committed to the development of new products, with lock shell and other more than 100 kinds of product patents, product update strength.