Safety group lockout box

The group lockout box size:width × height × thickness: 233mm × 195mm × 95mm.It is made of steel plate and stainless steel nylon handle with high temperature spray plastic treatment on the surface. It can lock important parts by many people at the same time, and can hang up to 12 padlocks. It can be used as a small portable lock box, and can accommodate several hanging tags, buckles, small locks, etc


Safety group lockout box

Safety group lockout box
Accommodates up to 12 workers, more with the use of lockout hasps.
Made of heavy-duty, powder-coated steel for rust-resistance and durability under most environmental conditions
Use one lock on each energy control point and place the keys in the lock box; each worker then places his own lock on the box to prevent access
Each employee retains exclusive control, as required by OSHA, by placing his own lock on the lock box containing the keys to the job locks
As long as any one worker’s lock remains on the lock box, the keys to the job locks contained inside cannot be accessed
Safety group lockout box is a wall-mountable and portable lock box that features a quick release internal slide button that allows the lock box to be carried to the point of need.
Safety group lockout box Safety group lockout box
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Safety group lockout box Safety group lockout box

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