non-conductive lockout padlocks

non-conductive lockout padlocks has(Ø6mm, H76mm) nylon shackles, which are suitable for Industrial lockout-tagout use on conductive areas,to prevent accidental operation.


non-conductive lockout padlocks safety padlock  (fill in important information such as manager’s name on the back), with (Ø6mm, H76mm) nylon shackles, and key retention function,Suitable for lockout and tagout of industrial electrical equipment.

non-conductive lockout padlocks

Customized Programs

Padlock has (Ø6mm, H76mm) nylon shackles, which are suitable for lockout and tagout of  electrical equipment.
Padlock cylinder is made of zinc alloy , which can be made of copper, stainless steel and other materials, and the auto popup lock shackle also can be customized. Zinc alloy cylinder is 12-14 pins , it can realize that more than 100,000pcs padlocks do not open each other.Copper cylinder is 6 pins , it can realize that more than 60,000pcs padlocks do not open each other.
Safety Padlock has key retaining feature,and key cannot be pulled out in open state, in order to prevent the key from being lost.
The non-conductive, non-sparking shell,Resistance of chemical, extreme temperatures and Anti-UV of the padlock can protect workers from electric shock.
The key of the padlock can be customized with different color key covers, fast identification with color matched lock and key.
Comply with OSHA standard: 1 employee = 1 padlock = 1 key.
Padlock has a label with text: “Danger locked out”/”Do not remove, property”. Label can be customized noctilucence PVC sign.Contain “Danger”and “Property of” standard labels on front and back.
The lock body and key can print same code, which is convenient for management.
Can be engraved with customers’ logo if required.

safety padlocks

Key System

Key management system: Keyed differ,keyed alike,differ&master key,alike&master key.lockout padlocks

Product Application

When & Where should use LOTO?
Daily maintenance, adjustment, cleaning, inspection and commissioning for equipment. Enter into the limited space, hot work, dismantling work and so on in the tower, tank, electrified body, kettle, heat exchanger, pumps and other facilities.
Operation involving high voltage. ( including the operation under the high-tension cable )
Operation require closing the safety system temporary.
Operation during maintenance and commissioning of non-processing.

safety padlocks

How to buy the right product?
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