Electrical Distribution Cabinets Button Switch Lockout

The Industrial Electrical Switch Safety Lockout Base size: width 54mm x length 52mm, metal plate thickness 2mm.
Self-adhesive Button Switch Lockout for Industrial Electrical Distribution Cabinets to Overhaul of lockout-tagout.


Electrical Distribution Cabinets Button Switch Lockout

Self Adhesive Electrical Switch Lockout Switch Safety Lockout Tagout for Industrial Push Button Conversion
Industrial electrical safety locks have a variety of styles and can be applied to special electrical switches, electrical holes, handle switches, cabinet doors and other equipment such as low-voltage drawer cabinets and power distribution cabinets.
The self-contained industrial glue can be easily fixed to any locking point, no need to drill holes to install! Colleagues also have a hole design, which can be used to permanently fix the lock to the control point that needs to be locked with screws in the area that allows drilling.
Combining a plastic base and A3 galvanized steel, the strong, lightweight thermoplastic body helps resist chemicals and perform effectively in extreme conditions. It can be effectively locked to prevent misoperation.
If multiple people need to lock and manage the same control point, use the safety hasp lock to meet the management requirements.
BD-D81-10 can realize button switch, the lock hole of the distribution cabinet lockout and tagout.
If these styles cannot meet your locking needs, please contact us and we can customize a new locking solution for you.
Accepts all bozzys safety padlock shackles and locking hasp diameters.
Laser engrave your logo on the included stainless steel plate.
The Electrical Switch Lockout base is made of wear-resistant, high-strength, impact-resistant alloy engineering plastics.The surface of the A3 galvanized steel sheet is painted to improve wear resistance, rust resistance, enhance overall performance and optimize the appearance of anti-fingerprints. It is suitable for various electrical switch environments that require lockout.

Electrical Button Switch Lockout

Product Application

The Electrical Lockout 10 styles to choose from, suitable for knob switch, change over switch, the lock hole of the distribution cabinet, Lock drawer switch, Knob switch, handle switch, etc., to achieve a variety of non-standard electrical or distribution cabinets Lockout to protect employees from electrical accidents during equipment maintenance.

Industrial Electrical Button Change Over Switch Safety Lockout Electrical Button Switch Lockout Device

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