Adjustable Butterfly Valve Lockout

Applicable valve stem range: width ≤ 42mm; Maximum opening ≥ 14.5mm; Height 5-35mm, made of polypropylene PP, suitable for some butterfly valve locks, red color, other colors can be customized


Adjustable Butterfly Valve Lockout


The multifunctional opening clamp is suitable for partially closed rings and wide handles, and the stainless steel sawtooth design makes the lock tightly fixed on the handle of the butterfly valve and is not easy to loosen. The multi-hole design supports multiple padlocks to lock and tag the equipment at the same time, effectively manages and prevents the butterfly valve from being activated accidentally. The butterfly valve lock does not require installation tools, and it is easy to lock by itself. Suitable for butterfly valves with a handle width of 8-45MM. Versatile Open Clamp Fits Partially Closed Loops and Wide Handles The BOZZYS’ adjustable valve locking system is durable and easy to use without the need for multiple devices.
Equipping your employees with the proper lockout tools and warning devices can save lives, reduce lost employee time, and cut insurance costs
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Adjustable Butterfly Valve LockoutAdjustable Butterfly Valve Lockout

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